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Garden Design Planters

Advantage Landscape can help your Las Vegas food-growing dreams come true with our garden design services and retaining wall planter installation. Gardening in Las Vegas can be a daunting task, but getting your planting bed design right will go a long way towards helping you grow a thriving, nourishing crop of vegetables and fruit right here in Southern Nevada.

  • Tiered & Multi-Level Gardens
  • Stepped Terrace Planters
  • Curved Block Planters
  • Segmented Retaining Wall Gardens

The Benefits of “Growing Your Own”

Urban gardening is an excellent form of exercise, and growing your own food is one of the most satisfying things a person can do. Once you’ve made the initial investment in planters, irrigation, and soil improvements, you can start to reduce the amount of money you spend at the grocery store and control the quality of food that goes into your and your family’s mouths.

Fruit and vegetable gardening is a great way to teach kids about nutrition, and kids who help with gardening are much more likely to eat their veggies than kids who don’t.

What Food Grows In Las Vegas?

You might be surprised by the wide variety of vegetables and fruits that have been adapted to grow right here in the Mojave Desert. From cool weather crops like greens, broccoli, peas, potatoes, and root vegetables to delicious warm-weather delights such as pumpkin, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and watermelon, many different crops can flourish in Las Vegas and Henderson.

Dealing With Desert Soil (Or Lack Thereof)

Desert caliche isn’t ideal for growing crops, but don’t let your rock-hard backyard dirt stop you from designing your dream garden. The local earth is nutrient-poor and unforgiving, not to mention that bending over to the ground isn’t good for your back or knees. However, our landscapers can create and install beautiful hardscape features that won’t just ease your food growing efforts — they’ll make your yard and garden the envy of all your neighbors.

  • Raised Bed Construction
  • Greenhouse Installation
  • Planter Design & Installation
  • Retaining Wall Planters

Retaining Wall Planters Maximize Your Space

Many Las Vegas area homes, especially newer ones, are built on small lots, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a garden. We have tools that can help you visualize and design attractive and space-saving retaining wall planters. And if you have a large outdoor area to work with, we can help maximize that space, as well.

Ready To Create Your Dream Garden?

Modern landscaping design demands the use of innovative technology. At Advantage Landscape in Las Vegas, NV, we use sophisticated 3D design tools that enable you to see and tweak your garden and retaining wall planters before they’re installed. If you’re ready to start growing your food or are looking to beautify your outdoor space with flowers, cacti, or succulent planters, call and schedule a consultation with one of our garden design specialists today.

Get Your Project Started

Are you ready to get started with your project? We’ve got you covered. We have been creating beautiful landscapes for homes and businesses in Las Vegas for years. Contact us today to get your custom quote. 

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