Commercial Landscaping

Las Vegas Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping with Advantage Landscape can take your Las Vegas business to the next level. Our design experts will create a beautiful outdoor space with the features you and your customers want. We provide professional installation that works with the layout of your property to provide the best use of your outdoor space.

Why Is Landscaping Your Business Important?

A beautiful and well-maintained outdoor area not only adds to curb appeal but also provides potential customers and employees with a professional image and potential value in your services. What does your business say about you, and what is it telling potential customers?

Don’t Neglect Your Landscape

Unmaintained and neglected grounds are a significant detractor from potential business and could cost sales. A neat landscape is like a well-dressed employee who takes pride in their appearance and work.

How It Hurts Your Business

  • Poorly Tended Land Lowers Property Value
  • Shabby Looking Or Bare Grounds Deter Clients
  • Overall Presentation Reflects On Company Image
  • Well-Planned Trees Avoid Blocking Business Visibility

Enhance Business

Implement elements into your commercial landscape that look great, are low maintenance, and provide visitors with outdoor space they will love.

Better Working Environment

A study from the National Institute of Health (NIH) shows that exposure to natural elements in the workplace can improve productivity by lowering employee stress and promoting mental health. Employees who work in a pleasing environment feel more focused and optimistic about the company’s business ethics.

Engaging Design Elements

Great commercial landscaping doesn’t just look good; it engages the senses while promoting peace and structure. The sounds of water or swaying leaves and the smells of flowers create a peaceful ambiance for clients to relax, stick around, and return.

Elements To Inspire Calmness

  • Decorative Pools
  • Ponds
  • Water Fountains
  • Synthetic Lawns
  • Plant-Lined Walkways
  • Paved Seating Areas

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Water-smart landscaping doesn’t just save you money and provide you with a low-maintenance option but shows your dedication to the environment and our community. Our design team can create stunning low-water solutions incorporating features that enhance your business while looking fabulous.

See Your Landscape Come To Life

We use architectural 3D modeling software to plan the design of your business grounds so you can see a preview before any work begins. This method saves time and money on potential mistakes and allows you to request changes or specific elements before work begins.

Why Is 3D Modeling Is Important?

  • Review Entire Layout
  • See Plant Groupings
  • Get A Sense Of Paving Plans
  • Ensure Water Feature Placement Is Right For You

Commercial Landscaping In Las Vegas

At Advantage Landscaping, we want your commercial landscaping to reflect the pride you have for your Las Vegas business. Our team offers everything your business needs to ensure your property looks great. Contact us today for a consultation and see how much your current landscape can improve.

Get Your Project Started

Are you ready to get started with your project? We’ve got you covered. We have been creating beautiful landscapes for homes and businesses in Las Vegas for years. Contact us today to get your custom quote. 

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