Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Show off your home or business day or night with beautiful, bright landscape lighting from Advantage Landscape in las Vegas. Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting can increase safety, grab attention, and attract customers. Your exteriors extend your usable square footage. We can further expand your property’s usability into late desert nights.

  • Improve Outdoor Security
  • Brighten Up Pathways & Walkways For Safety
  • Keep Outdoor Shopping Or Entertaining Going After Dark
  • Show Off Your Home’s Facade
  • Highlight Your Favorite Landscaping Features

Outdoor Areas To Highlight With Light

The right bulbs and fixtures can completely change the look of your property at night. We can help you choose bulb temperatures, beam spread, and energy efficiency. You tell us what you want to highlight – from your home’s facade to trees and storefronts – and we’ll design a layout that accentuates what you want, just the way you want.

  • Outdoor Dining Areas
  • Entryways
  • Water Features
  • Flag Poles
  • Backyards
  • Patios
  • Gardens

Why Hire Professional Landscapers For Lights?

If you want to get the most out of your residential or commercial landscaping, it’s best to hire a professional company with experience in outdoor lighting. We have the right equipment and the experience to work safely and efficiently. We understand what works where and how to install and aim each beam optimally.

Why mess with dangerous electrical connections and waste time and money on troubleshooting when professional landscape design is just a phone call away? We can install all kinds of outdoor lights.

  • Uplights & Downlights
  • Pathway Lights
  • Recessed Fixtures
  • Backlights & Washes
  • Garden, Bullet & Well Lights
  • Spotlights & Floodlights

Bringing Your Designs To Life

Our landscape designers will guide you from initial planning to 3D visualization to final installation. Why not let us add light fixtures to increase safety and comfort along with a new pool and deck area or backyard oasis?

We can plan and execute these improvements at the same time, so you get the most of your new construction or newly remodeled landscape right from the start.

Outdoor Lighting In Las Vegas

Where could your landscapes use a little more light? We can help you make it happen. Contact us at Advantage Landscape today to get started on a quote for design and installation services.

Get Your Project Started

Are you ready to get started with your project? We’ve got you covered. We have been creating beautiful landscapes for homes and businesses in Las Vegas for years. Contact us today to get your custom quote. 

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