Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Transform your Las Vegas home or business’s outdoor area with landscape lighting designed by Advantage Landscape to highlight your property and set the right mood for entertaining. Our team designs and installs outdoor lighting to get the most out of your landscape and outdoor spaces.

Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of outdoor areas, and illuminates gardens, pathways, and architecture during nighttime hours. It increases safety by reducing the risk of trips and falls in dimly lit areas and deters potential intruders by eliminating dark spots.

  • Improve Outdoor Security
  • Brighten Up Pathways & Walkways
  • Light Outdoor Shopping Areas
  • Enhance Your Entertaining Space
  • Show Off Your Home’s Exterior
  • Highlight Landscaping Features

It also extends the usability of outdoor living spaces, allowing homeowners to enjoy patios, decks, and pools even after sunset. Strategically placed lights can increase curb appeal.

Enhancing Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor lighting brings mood, clarity, and warmth to your space, and the right bulbs and fixtures can completely change the look of your property at night. Our team designs lighting with the perfect blend of utility and atmosphere.

  • Highlight Architectural Features: Use uplighting or downlighting to emphasize unique architectural elements of your home or business. This can include archways, columns, or intricate stonework, making them stand out and adding depth.
  • Showcase Water Features: Underwater lights in fountains, ponds, or pools create a mesmerizing effect. The reflection and refraction of light in water add a touch of magic, making these water features the centerpiece of your landscape.
  • Play with Colors: While white light is classic and versatile, colored lights can set the mood. Soft blue or green can evoke calm, while warmer hues make a space feel cozy.

Use Lighting To Showcase Your Business

In the contemporary business world, first impressions count more than ever. A pleasing, well-lit exterior can be as vital as the interior when establishing a positive brand image. Commercial landscape lighting can spotlight your signage, create a peaceful outdoor space for employees, or frame a cheerful venue for customers to hang out in. Here are some other reasons to invest in outdoor light design.

  • Optimize Space: Use outdoor areas that might otherwise go to waste so that you can profit from every inch of your business.
  • Protect Your Property: Keep your property and entrances well-lit so you can see everyone coming and going.
  • Neighborhood Hangout: Become a hot spot for after-hours activities by providing a safe place where people want to gather.

Las Vegas Landscape Lighting Design

Illuminate your exterior space with professional landscape lighting design in Las Vegas from Advantage Landscape. Contact us for a complete landscape design quote, complete with 3D renders and everything you need for your HOA.

Get Your Project Started

Are you ready to get started with your project? We’ve got you covered. We have been creating beautiful landscapes for homes and businesses in Las Vegas for years. Contact us today to get your custom quote. 

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