Irrigation Design & Installation

Irrigation Design & Installation

Advantage Landscape of Las Vegas specializes in landscape design and irrigation installation. Our irrigation design helps you reduce water waste by creating hydro zones and supplying appropriate amounts of water to each area. Our qualified team can install smart technology, then design proper water schedules that allow your various plants to flourish without you having to think about them.

Create Landscape Designs That Are Compliant & Budget-Friendly

Researching the water restrictions, local regulations around conservation, and also understanding your soil types take up your valuable time. Because we have been creating and installing landscape and irrigation designs for decades, we already know the regulations, soil types, & plants that will thrive. Our design team complies with your local association rules, works within your budget, and delivers a water-smart product that you and enjoy stress-free for years to come.

Creating Zones Where Plants With Similar Water Needs Grow

We install plants with similar water needs together, thereby creating hydro zones. For example, arid, transition, or a type of mini-oasis could be separate zones and we even think about when plants will bloom and how the colors will be represented in your garden. When we create your landscape design, we work with you to design colors or shapes with plant textures for maximum visual impact.

Different Water Delivery Methods For Different Zones

Because shady or sunny zones would have different needs, sprinkler types would also vary between drips, sprays, and rotors, thereby delivering specific amounts of water to your plants. In the long term, this water-smart irrigation installation would help to save water, protect our environment, and save you money on your water bill.

Irrigation Installation With Water-Smart Systems Saves Resources

Include a water-smart system in your irrigation design. This type of irrigation system allows for detailed watering plans in our irrigation design and that helps with efficient watering as your baby plants grow then mature. A water-smart system has components working together to apply water efficiently by giving the plants only what they need. Controllers, or clocks, are programmed with schedules for the time of day and duration of run times in each zone. Your smart controller will measure and estimate the moisture in your plant’s soil and replenish that water during the season, making the necessary micro-adjustments along the way.

Water-Smart Irrigation Design Components

  • Clocks Or Smart Controllers
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Flow Sensors
  • Weather Sensors
  • Drips With Tubing
  • Sprays
  • Rotors

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