5 Elements That Elevate Your Landscape

Landscape Elements

At Advantage Landscape of Las Vegas is dedicated to providing clients in the Las Vegas Valley with superior landscape design services. Our team takes that same care and quality with backyard remodels as it does with an elaborate commercial design. In our work for you, we consider and incorporate five elements that can greatly elevate your landscape.

  • Lines
  • Color
  • Scale
  • Texture
  • Overall Form

Position Plants To Create Straight Lines

Advantage Landscape can help you create lines of direction and flow that you and your visitors can appreciate. We help you select trees or shrubs of a certain height to catch the attention of viewers in a particular area of your yard or garden. We will then show you how to arrange and place plants to create a vertical or horizontal line that complements your design.

Color Is An Integral Part Of Landscape Design

Transform your outdoor space with color. Use warm color palettes or use cool, subdued hues like blues and lavenders. We can help you choose the flowers or ground covers to enhance the look of your home or business.

We Create Your Installation To Scale

Choose the scale of your design project and Advantage Landscape designers will work within your budget to bring that dream landscape design to life. A member of our design team will visit your property to help you decide what scale your project should be. We will work with you to identify sizes and types of plants that thrive in Las Vegas, complement each other and also enhance the look of your home or business.

Create Texture With Details Of A Tree & Plants

Consider scale as the big picture aspect of your project, then see the details of the leaves, tree barks, and flowers to fill in that picture. Details of plant types you choose will help add texture to the design. Our professionals are experienced in the foliage options available to work well with those overall design elements.

Your Landscape Design Creates An Overall Feeling

Your vision for your outdoor space comes together and takes form under our guidance. As you look at the overall shape of your creation, you can see where we have installed a variety of plants, trees, and shrubs in a variety of species to create the feel, look, or form you had in mind.

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