5 Ways To Upgrade Your Landscape With Lighting Features

Landscape Lighting

There are several ways to use landscape lighting to upgrade your residential or commercial property. Our team at Advantage Landscape of Las Vegas specializes in designing and installing exterior lighting to enhance your property’s features and increase its resale value. Some ways to upgrade include:

  • Uplighting For Entryways, Columns, & Porches
  • Lighting Design For Pathways
  • Exterior Lights Near Transitions & Steps
  • Outdoor Lighting For Patio & Garden
  • Bring Your Water Features To Life

1. Uplighting For Entrances, Columns, & Porches

Consider installing footlights in flower beds or xeriscape features at the entrance of your home or business. Brighten up the columns, shrubs, or small trees immediately surrounding your building with warm white or colored uplights, and enhance any existing security features. We can also design complementary outdoor lighting or create a border for your porch by running lights along several shrubs or ground cover.

2. Lighting Design For Pathways & Driveways

Highlight a footpath with color or white light. Our design team combines the latest trends and technology to make even the simplest activities exciting. Subtle solar-powered integrated LEDs with metal enhancers will put a shine on a pathway or alongside a driveway that welcomes visitors to your door or garden.

3. Focus Exterior Illumination Down Onto Transitions & Steps

Safety-conscious property owners use illumination to make it easier for guests to navigate their properties. Avoid accidents by illuminating steps leading to different elevations or changes in pavement materials such as flagstone to cobblestone or artificial turf. A few motion sensor-activated lights are great for accenting areas where one must use caution when stepping up, down, or as someone starts along a footpath.

4. Outdoor Lighting For Patio & Garden

Expand your outdoor dining area. Suspend string lights from your patio across to your garden to create the mood for outdoor dining and dancing. Warmer months mean longer evenings with more time for entertaining. Set a table outside in the garden, and fire up the grill on the patio while connecting the spaces with a string of naked rechargeable bulbs overhead in a variety of colors for different occasions.

5. Bring Your Water Features To Life

Illuminate fountains, ponds, or swimming pools to create a change in ambiance when night falls. Set large orbs in shallow sculptures or decorative vases that illuminate the nearby space. As an example, a light sitting in an open lotus blossom could be repeated every few feet along the pool length to provide just enough ambiance for late-night conversations.

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