5 Reasons You Should Include Trees In Your Landscape

Las Vegas Landscaping Trees

Trees add texture to your landscape, while also allowing you to create a unique oasis for you and your guests to enjoy. Our design team at Advantage Landscape of Las Vegas can help you choose the best to plant for your desert landscape to add shade and value to your residential or commercial property.

5 Reasons Trees Should Be Part Of Your Landscape

  1. Benefits Of Placing Trees For Shade
  2. Planting Is A Water-Smart Idea
  3. Landscape Design Anchors
  4. Improve Air Quality
  5. Boost Property Value

Benefits Of Placing Trees For Shade

Plan for shade areas with tree canopies. We help you with the strategic placement that will mature and provide coverage to outdoor seating or entertainment areas. Providing shade to patios and nearby buildings can also help keep buildings cooler and lower energy consumption by reducing radiant heat. Conversely, if you choose one that sheds leaves in winter, you may benefit from the sun’s warming effects.

Planting Is A Water-Smart Idea

Save water with a desert-friendly tree that uses little water, yet provides shade and controls erosion. Any tree with a healthy canopy provides shade that reduces water’s rate of evaporation from the soil. That’s water-smart. Additionally, the roots hold the surrounding soil in place, minimizing any water runoff during rain or irrigation.

Anchor Trees Makes A Beautiful Landscape

Anchor a design idea with a particular drought-tolerant tree, bearing in mind the arc of the sun. You can then plant flowering plants in the vicinity of that tree suited to the amount of shade, sun, or water that it provides. The plants will further help to hold the surrounding soil in place and filter water, especially if there’s any sort of an incline.

Simple Tree Planting Improves Air Quality

Planting a tree improves the air quality around you. It utilizes harmful carbon dioxide in the air and releases oxygen in its place. Including one or more in your residential or commercial landscape design, we can help you potentially improve your health and that of your family and friends with cleaner air.

Mature Trees Boost Property Value

Pay attention to your desert landscape design and it can repay you in spades. The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers estimates that mature trees can add several thousand dollars to a property’s appraisal value. The benefits of having one or a few that are moderate-sized on your property far outweigh any initial investment. Lush, flourishing landscapes add curb appeal and raise property values.

Desert-Friendly Trees Include

  • Sweet Acacia
  • Mesquite
  • Desert Willow
  • Desert Ironwood
  • Palo Verde
  • Shoestring Acacia

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