Design Ideas For A Low Water Landscape

Low Water Landscape Las Vegas

Xeriscaping your home’s desert landscape for low water consumption is a project we always get excited about at Advantage Landscape of Las Vegas. There are so many options for homeowners to design a drought-tolerant landscape. Mix it up with shade trees, ground cover, and a variety of plants.

5 Ideas For Creating Your Low-Water Landscape:

  • Create Shade To Reduce Water Needs
  • Ground Cover Does Double Duty
  • Hardscape Features Add Interest, Save Water
  • Pavers Or Gravel Create Flow
  • Succulents Aren’t Heavy Drinkers

1. Create Shade & Save Water

Create a landscape design that shades your lowest growing plants in the southern and western exposures. Planting taller trees there will offer some shade to the plants below. Even partial shade for that ground cover means that the turf and surrounding plants require less water.

2. Cool Temps With Ground Cover Plants

Cool temps down in your yard with low maintenance ground cover that tamps down the heat. Try some drought-tolerant plants like Trailing Rosemary or Bottlebrush. The Dwarf Yarrow and Silver Carpet can be used in some light traffic areas of your yard. These may work well as a substitute for turf grass.

  • Dwarf Carpet
  • Lantana
  • Trailing Rosemary
  • Bottlebrush
  • StarCarpetLV

3. Expand & Entertain With Hardscapes

Extend your play spaces with a hardscape in your yard. A hardscape feature allows homeowners to replace plants with “hard” or more solid materials that make up patios, or walkways, for example. An additional entertaining area might include a fire pit or even a fountain as a focal point. These are all examples of hardscapes that can reduce water usage in a desert landscape.

  • Patio
  • Walkway
  • Fire Pit
  • Fountain
  • Driveway

4. Incorporate Pavers & Gravel

Have fun with the three elements of landscape design – mass, line, and form. Pavers can form lines of physical flow from one zone with plants or shrubs leading guests in your garden to another zone with a tall vertical feature such as a sculpture or small grove of trees. Gravel paths can connect outdoor seating areas, or even provide drainage for nearby plant hydrazones.

5. Succulents Offer Variety & Have Little Thirst

Succulents are an excellent choice for low-water landscaping. They’re available in many variations and are quite hardy in most soil conditions. Leaves are typically plump because they store most of their water in those leaves. These plants sip less, come in various colors and heights, and can be in-ground and in hanging planters.
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