5 Ways To Blend Indoors & Outdoors Spaces

Blend Indoors And Outdoors Spaces

Given the warm Las Vegas weather, it’s no wonder that so many people want to include outdoor living spaces in their backyard design. Such additions provide extra seating when guests are over and allow you to take advantage of landscape design features. From native plants to terraced walkways, many outside living components are simple to incorporate into your overall design scheme once you consider the options.

  1. Create A Common Access Point
  2. Utilize Similar Seating Options
  3. Create Unity In Your Landscape Design
  4. Employ Common Colors
  5. Use Indoor/Outdoor Features

1. Consider A Deck Or A Patio

Many Las Vegas homes have large glass patio doors or even foldable wall designs that give ready access to the backyard. One simple way to make your indoor/outdoor space look seamless is to build a deck off of a back exit like this. It allows access to your backyard living space without carving out a new door through the wall.

2. Utilize Similar Seating Options Indoors & Outdoors

Most Vegas dwellers don’t gravitate towards uncomfortable furniture and heavy materials like velvet–they’re just too hot when the temperature climbs. Instead, homeowners like fabrics such as cotton or rattan. These materials look great, whether on indoor or patio furniture. You can use this to your advantage and create a cohesive look by buying the same type of seating for both spaces.

3. Create Continuity In Your Landscape Design

Your backyard landscaping design can play a big role in the success of your backyard gathering space. Adding a deck with planters, a large patio with a fireplace, and tiered gardens can pull the look together, and if you include the same materials that are found inside the home, you’ll create a more unified look. For example, if you have natural tile floors in the kitchen, consider using the same tiles in the outdoor fireplace area.

4. Employ Matching Colors & Patterns

Interior designers use color and patterns to unify the look of a room. You can employ the same technique by using the same colors and motifs to create a flow from indoor to outdoor—making your two living areas feel like one giant room.

5. Use Indoor / Outdoor Features

Features like fireplaces and kitchens are typically associated with indoor spaces, but they don’t have to be. Including features like outdoor fireplaces or ovens in your backyard design can add warmth and visually unify the space, extending the feeling of hominess.

Let Us Help You Create A Cozy Outdoor Space

Adding an outdoor gathering space that flows into indoor living areas can give the feeling of a roomier home, making indoor spaces feel fresher and outdoor spaces cozier. If you’d like to create a seamless-looking indoor/outdoor area in your backyard, contact Advantage Landscaping in Las Vegas to begin making your outdoor living space a reality today.

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