Utilizing Native Plants In Your Landscape Design

Utilizing Native Plants In Your Landscape Design

For a natural, inviting look that blends harmoniously with the existing habitat, add native plants to your landscape design. There are numerous benefits to choosing native species—they’ll benefit the ecosystem and survive harsh Nevada weather conditions, all while saving you time and money. Advantage Landscape can guide you toward the species that are right for you.

Why Choose Native Plants?

When you create even a small patch of natural habitat, it combines with others around you to create a better ecosystem—and reminds you of the natural beauty of the Las Vegas area.

  • Save Water: Drought-tolerant native plants do not need water as often as others, especially those not native to the area. Desert vegetation has learned to be “water-smart” to survive in the desert.
  • Do Less Maintenance: When you have drought-tolerant native plants, you don’t need to fertilize them as often. They also do not require frequent pesticides. You’ll spend more time relaxing in your yard instead of working on it.
  • Increase Wildlife Biodiversity: Native plants keep the ecosystem in your yard functioning better since they attract local insects, birds, and wildlife. You’ll also notice improved fruit & vegetable production since the bees pollinate better.
  • Resistance To Weather Extremes: Nevada gets both hot & cold—most of the state is desert. Native plants are used to this harsh climate & have a better chance of surviving & flourishing than non-native species.

Ideal Native Plants For Nevada Your Backyard Design

The Las Vegas area has many drought-resistant native plants to contribute to your property’s ecosystem.

  • Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus Quinquefolia): When you are impatient for new plants to gain in size, choose Virginia Creeper, a woody vine with blackberries & bright fall foliage. It attracts chipmunks, deer, & squirrels, loves well-drained soil, & requires full sun.
  • Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus Sericea): This medium-sized deciduous shrub can grow up to 12 feet tall. It blooms from July through August with white blossoms, then sends out fleshy white berries. In autumn, it contributes to fall colors with red bark.
  • Sticky Purple Geranium (Geranium Viscosissimum): The flower color on this plant ranges from pink-lavender to deep-purple-magenta. It attracts deer, birds, & small mammals such as rabbits, as well as bees and butterflies. It can “eat” insects trapped on the sticky leaves, which means it’s the perfect desert plant for areas with poor soil.
  • Rocky Mountain Penstemon (Penstemon Strictus): This evergreen perennial attracts hummingbirds & other small birds. It blooms from late spring through the early summer with flowers ranging in color from royal blue to purple. These drought-tolerant plants grow up to 36 inches tall.

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Whether you’re planning a new landscape or redesigning your backyard, Advantage Landscape in Nevada can help. We’ll help you choose the best native plants that thrive in the harsh conditions around Las Vegas and blend harmoniously with the desert ecosystem. Contact us today for more information.

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