5 Landscaping Trends To Incorporate Into Your Business In 2023

Landscaping Trends To Incorporate Into Your Business In 2023

How can you keep your Las Vegas business’s landscaping fresh and modern for 2023? Following some of the latest trends in the Las Vegas area can be a great way to keep your company’s look relevant. Here are five of the biggest commercial landscaping trends you can use to make a splash this year.

1. Choose an Asymmetrical Layout

Sharp angles and perfectly measured lines aren’t a requirement anymore. Instead, consider something a little more free-flowing, such as:

  • Free form curves
  • Different-sized plants
  • Contrasting colors
  • Varied textures

For example, you can use curved flowerbeds or walkways, brightly colored plants, and gravel instead of mulch in some areas. Asymmetrical designs add a lot of visual interest.

2. Enhance the Entrance

Commercial landscaping can draw the eye to your business’s entrance and help draw people in. Consider tall plants on either side, greenery, or vines on the roof. Anything that catches customers’ attention can be a good choice.

3. Display a Water Feature

Like an oasis, a water feature in the desert is always desirable. Las Vegas is about big productions, cascading fountains, and elegant designs. With a water feature, your business will get noticed, and you’ll be following popular trends your customers will appreciate at the same time.

4. Irrigate With Innovation

Irrigation is essential anywhere that doesn’t get a lot of rain. Your Las Vegas company can save money and stay innovative with the right irrigation design. Consider:

  • Drip irrigation
  • Plant misters
  • Metered irrigation to adjust for rainfall
  • Irrigation tied in with decorative options

There are plenty of options besides placing sprinkler heads at intervals in the flowerbeds or leaving a soaker hose behind the plants. Being creative with irrigation adds to the upscale look of your commercial landscaping. By hiding unsightly watering devices with garden decor, the beauty of your landscaping design is the central focus. Precise irrigation can help to ensure everything stays lush and green in the most environmentally-friendly way possible while helping you save money.

5. Work With Native Plants

Using native plants is one of the most significant ways to keep your company’s landscaping looking great. When you choose plants native to the Las Vegas area, these plants will grow more quickly, require less water, and thrive better than other options. Some of the plants native to locations like Las Vegas include:

  • Desert marigold
  • Creosote bush
  • Mohave aster
  • Apache plume

Let Us Update Your Landscape

When you’re ready to update your commercial landscaping in the Las Vegas area, ensure your business works with a professional service to implement new and well-executed ideas. This will help your company keep up with current trends while looking modern and drawing in customers. Reach out to Advantage Landscape today, to get started on your commercial landscaping needs.

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