7 Tips To Maintain Your Las Vegas Landscape In Winter

Tips To Maintain Your Las Vegas Landscape In Winter

One of the best ways to have a great landscape all through the year in the Las Vegas area is to take steps to maintain your landscape in the winter months. It’s important to maintain your landscaping to keep it looking good, and to protect anything that’s dormant or unused during cold weather. Here are seven great tips for well-maintained winter landscaping.

  1. Be Sure To Protect Your Plants From The Cold
  2. Trim Plants And Cut Dead Branches
  3. Protect Your Irrigation System
  4. Check & Protect The Landscape Lighting
  5. Prepare Your Lawn For Winter
  6. Adding Mulch To Bare Spots
  7. Leaf Removal And Cleanup

1. Protect Your Plants From The Cold

Plants need protection from colder weather. Although Las Vegas isn’t considered a cold-weather location, winter temperatures can drop into the 30s and 20s during the overnight hours. Many plants survive those cold temperatures if they aren’t covered. Covering your plants will help them grow next year.

2. Prune Plants & Remove Dead Branches

Before you cover any plants, prune them to get rid of old flowers, dead branches, and other problematic parts. Plants will be able to use their energy more efficiently if they are pruned.

3. Make Sure Your Irrigation System Is Protected

While you should generally water by hand during the winter, you don’t want to just ignore your irrigation system. Winterize it and protect it from freezing. It is recommended to wrap pipes and to use heat tape during especially cold weather.

4. Check & Protect Your Landscape Lighting

Even if your plants are sleeping, lighting can still enhance your landscaping during wintertime. Make sure your lights are in good shape and make any repairs before cold weather arrives.

5. Get The Lawn Winter Ready

Cutting any grass down to about 2″ long is the recommended length for winter. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t leave debris in the yard, as that can damage the grass.

6. Add Mulch To Bare Spots

As part of your maintenance routine, mulch should be added to bare spots in flowerbeds. That protects the soil and the plants from getting as cold when the temperatures drop to near or even below freezing.

7. Remove and Clean Up Leaves

Any leaves in the yard or flower beds should be cleaned up, and it’s also good to clean out the gutters. That prevents buildup and keeps everything looking good and in great shape, allowing you to bring your landscape to life again next spring.

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