Preparing Your Landscape For Winter

A Landscape That Needs To Be Prepared For Winter

By preparing your residential or commercial landscape for winter, you’re setting it up for vibrant regeneration next spring. The pros at Advantage Landscape in Las Vegas, NV, specialize in planning and installing thriving desert landscapes, adding lasting beauty to your home or business. Follow the tips below to keep your yard healthy and gorgeous, and reach out to our team to reinvent your outdoor spaces.

Protect Desert Plants From Cold By Wrapping Them

While Las Vegas may be known for its scorching temperatures, the desert city still experiences chilly winters. For homeowners with desert plants in their landscaping, it’s crucial to take steps to protect them from the cold. Use material like burlap or frost blankets to gently wrap the plants, ensuring that the entire plant is covered, but leaving enough space for air circulation. Wrapping helps to create a protective barrier against the freezing temperatures and harsh winds that can damage desert plants. Remember to remove the wrapping during warmer periods to prevent overheating.

Trimming Your Trees Is An Essential Step

As colder temperatures approach, it’s crucial to remove any dead or diseased branches to promote healthy growth and prevent potential hazards. Trimming also allows more sunlight to reach the lower branches, stimulating their growth. It can also prevent excessive wind resistance during storms, reducing the risk of limb breakage. Take care to trim your trees properly, ensuring you don’t remove too much foliage, as this can weaken the tree. Hiring a professional to assess your trees and provide expert trimming services ensures optimum winter readiness.

Shut Off Water & Avoid Costly Repairs Come Spring

As the temperatures dip you’ll want to disconnect your hoses and turn off the outdoor plumbing and water features. Freezing temperatures can make the water inside hoses and pipes expand, which can result in cracks and leaks. Remember to disconnect your hoses, fully drain them, and stash them somewhere safe. Follow this by locating and turning off your outdoor water supply valve, preventing water from reaching your outdoor faucets and potentially freezing. By taking simple but preventative measures, you can safeguard your landscape and avoid having to make expensive repairs.

Trim & Insulate Your Perennials To Insure Against Frost

Perennials live for more than two years but die back to the ground in winter. Pruning can reduce the risk of disease in the plant, help conserve the plant’s energy, and allows for better air circulation. Some species may need extra insulation to prevent them from freezing. Insulate perennials with leaves or straw to form a cozy blanket and keep your plants warm and moist all winter. Pruning before winter comes however is essential for all your perennials.

  • Reduces Risk Of Disease
  • Conserves The Plant’s Energy
  • Allows For Better Air Circulation
  • Easy Spring Cleanup
  • Encourages New Growth

Dig Up Plants & Tubers

Some plants and tubers cannot withstand freezing temperatures and must be dug up and stored indoors. Wait until after the first frost has killed the foliage, then lift them out of the ground with a spade or fork. Let them dry out for a few days before storing them in terracotta pots filled with shavings or sawdust.

Plant Bulbs Before The Ground Freezes

Did you know that you have to plant bulbs for spring-blooming flowers before the ground freezes? Bulbs contain a dormant plant embryo and food reserves. Choose a sunny, well-drained spot in your commercial or residential landscaping and dig a hole about two to three times the depth of the bulb. Put the bulb in the hole with the pointed end up before gently covering it with fertilizer and soil.

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