Get The Most Out Of Your Pool Landscaping

Pool Landscaping

If you are ready to bring your Las Vegas residential or commercial desert oasis to life, but are not sure where to start, Advantage Landscape has you covered. The single most important aspect of pool landscape is design.

Poorly designed pool landscaping can result in ongoing unanticipated costs such as cleaning and maintenance due to poorly spaced or selected plants, planters without proper drainage, or erosion. Worse, poor designs can quickly go over budget or become unusable over time. Let’s dive in and look at 3 major considerations for pool landscape design in the desert.

  1. Plant Selection
  2. Pavers and Brickwork
  3. Lighting and Special Features

1. Plant Selection

Design plans should consider what you want the pool landscape to look like all year. Often, summer selections leave the areas lackluster in fall and winter. Advantage landscape provides the perfect combination of color selection, appropriate spacing, drainage, and low maintenance options to maintain a vibrant atmosphere.

Things to Think About When Picking Plants:

  • Will leaves or seedlings fall off and enter the pool easily?
  • Review the plant variations and colors they produce year-round.
  • Factor in the total cost of maintenance.
  • Calculate how much irrigation and pruning will be required.
  • Map out the final size and spacing needs for full-grown plants.
  • Consider the costs of fully grown versus seedling plant selections.
  • Review natural shading versus artificial shading.
  • Compare the cost and look of artificial grass.

2. Pavers & Brickwork

Eye-catching paths made from pavers and brickwork that lead to and from your oasis can make all the difference in visual appeal and functionality.

Things to Think About with Pavers & Brickwork:

  • Estimate the typical size of entertainment needs (family versus larger gatherings).
  • What type of entertainment do you wish to engage in and what equipment will be needed (TV placement/projectors)?
  • To ensure an organized space, evaluate the need for storage (chemicals/toys/winter).
  • Determine how many and what types of seats will be needed to best meet all of your needs (eating/sunbathing).
  • Certain pavers have a tendency to retain heat and some paths may require more preparation depending on location. Think about the types of paths and materials that would best suit your needs.

3. Lighting & Special Features

A perfectly designed pool landscape can transform a daytime space for cooling-off into a nighttime place to relax and enjoy chats by the fireside. Lighting and special features turn a simple pool area with a public pool feel into an inviting private living space.

Key components to never wanting to leave your pool landscaping

Shading – How much of the area will be in direct sunlight, and how long?

  • If you decide on the use of covers, review the durability and life of the material.
  • Review HOA guidelines to ensure placement of shade on the property in any form is compliant.

Lighting – Are you looking for a night-life appeal or a tranquil, peaceful setting?

  • Pool lighting provides both a safe perimeter and visual appeal.
  • Paths and fence lighting provide a natural ambiance.
  • Certain entertainment requires specific lighting. Decide whether you would prefer softer or brighter lighting.

Outdoor Kitchens – What are you looking to serve?

  • Do your needs include a full or partial kitchen (sink and refrigeration vs. sink only)?
  • Decide on what type of barbecue and what size you would prefer (charcoal vs. gas).
  • Never underestimate the need for prep and counter space.

Heating and Cooling – What temperatures are most comfortable for you during every season?

  • Gas heaters are a great option for winter comfort.
  • Add even more visual appeal with a fire pit/table.
  • Cooldown even if you are done swimming with misters.

Safety – How safe will this be when no one is around?

  • Covers, fencing, and lockouts all provide secure access to your area.
  • Selecting plants that are pet and kid-friendly should always be a priority in design.

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